About Me

I am a therapist and healer, and my practice is in Hebden Bridge. The technique I use is based primarily on Esalen Massage, coupled with Reiki, cellular energetic healing, vibrational medicine and vortex healing.

I also offer energy healing and vibrational medicine through Skype.

My special therapy room is at my home by Colden Water in Hebden Bridge. It is warm, comfortable and self-contained.

I have had a long-standing interest in complementary therapy, and have trained at Findhorn under a number of different teachers. I started out as a conventional scientist - I have a degree in biology and lectured in biology for many years. But over time I became more and more interested in complementary medicine and healing, and eventually decided to train as a healer and therapist.

My background in science has helped me assess the therapies I use in a rational way – I see the evidence of how they help people, and that convinces me that they work.

My science training also enhances and complements the therapies I offer. I have a good knowledge of medicine, including anatomy and physiology, and my detailed understanding of how the body works helps me do what’s right for you.

Call me if you would like to discuss any aspects of the treatments I offer.

I look forward to working with you.