Complementary Healing

There are many different types of complementary therapy or medicine.

Your health is a very broad concept, with different strands. It is affected by all the different areas of your life, and one way of thinking about it is as a three-dimensional web – anything touching one part of your life will in some way affect your whole being.

Complementary healing is complementary in different ways. It complements the way you live your life in the broadest sense - in the context of personal relationships, your work life, and physiological aspects such as exercise and diet. It can improve your mood and outlook, and indeed your general sense of well-being.

It is also complementary in that it can work in conjunction with various types of therapy and treatment.

I don’t believe there is just one approach to healing – my approach can and does work with other approaches, including traditional Western medicine. So if you want to pursue other therapies in conjunction with mine, that’s fine by me, provided that other therapy is beneficial to you. If I believe it is not, I will discuss this with you.