Things I can help you with

I can help people with a wide range of conditions and problems, whether chronic or acute. You may have a long-standing problem which you would like to address and learn to control – or possibly eradicate altogether. Or you may have had a sudden crisis which needs attention now, as soon as possible.

My therapy will help you become more at ease with yourself, in a wide and general sense. But there are also 4 main types of problem that I can particularly help with:

  • Back problems
  • Heart complaints
  • Stress & anxiety
  • Maintaining a state of well-being in a busy life

But massage therapy can also help with many other situations - so whatever problem you have, call me and we can have a talk about your particular needs.

Being open-minded, trusting and communicative is the best way to get the most profound positive changes in your body and enhance the healing process.

With any other approach, the therapy will still be beneficial, but the range of benefits or the speed of healing may be reduced.