How you’ll feel after therapy

You  will feel relaxed and better, but may not understand why. You may feel disappointed if you don’t know how that happened. This is a normal reaction - but it’s great that you are feeling relaxed and better, so it must be working!

Your reaction will also vary according to how many therapy sessions you’ve had. Many clients find that the first session can have quite a powerful effect on them – so it’s best to plan to have a quiet time afterwards, if possible, to fully integrate these positive energy changes into your system

Give yourself space

For example, it is best to avoid physical exercise or lively social events after a therapy session – you may not feel in the best state for things like this, and you will also want time to allow your body to integrate the multiple benefits of your therapy session.

With repeated sessions, most clients find that they start to feel even more energised and lifted. The effect obviously varies with the individual, but as you start to rebalance and find your place in the scheme of things, you should start to feel more at ease with yourself and with your surroundings.