My guarantee to you

I will always choose the therapy that will give you the deepest, most-effective and long-term health. Together, we'll identify your problems and your goals, and we'll agree a therapeutic approach. I'll modify this as healing progresses and you respond to the therapy. I'll always choose the therapy that I think will give you the best results.

But there are other aspects to my guarantee to you, too - if you need to see a GP or specialist, I will let you know. The therapies work well with conventional medicine. It is not an either/or decision for you. That is why it is called complementary medicine.

I would never give therapy without wholly believing that it is right for you. I believe I am morally and ethically bound to ensure you get the therapy that is right for you, regardless of whether I can deliver it.

If you need to see another healer, I will let you know that too, provided that other therapy is beneficial to you. If I believe it is not, I will discuss this with you.