"I feel so much better after today's treatment.  I feel normal and free from anxiety.  Of couse this in turn has made me feel happier and enthusiastic.  I am so very grateful."

                                                                                                                                  Angela Marks

"Having a massage with Kate was a beautiful experience.  I felt I was in very safe hands and so I was completely relaxed.  Parts of my body hurt and I had no awareness that I was holding such tension.  But with Kate's loving guidance I was able to let go.  I have been a bad sleeper for years.  I truly slept like a baby.  Simply magical!" 

                                                                                                                                                 Julie Smith

"Thank you for two great treatments.  The old trouble I had for years at my right sacro iliac joint has gone.  And I feel more confident in my rebel nature. Yea!"

                                                                                                                                          Lesley Downie

"I heard about Kate from a friend, who said she had had a remarkable energy healing session with her.  I decided to consult Kate as I was feeling very upset, stressed and anxious about various issues in my life and felt I needed some insight and healing myself.  This was my first experience of energy healing other than reiki and I was intrigue to find out more.  Kate carefully assessed my situation and asked lots of questions aout my reason for consulting her.  Then she recommended a 'BARS' session to combat my feelings of grief and to clear some emotional blockages.

"The treatment lasted much longer than I expected and was extremely positive.  I gradually felt myself opening up to Kate's healing hands, and to her gentle questioning and 'clearing' of my issues.  I could clearly feel a pleasant warm energy, particularly in my back.  At one point my feet went very cold and Kate was able to shake some warmth into them and return them to a normal temperature within seconds.  We worked on clearing out and 'un-creating' some of the sadness that I had been experiencing and by the end of the session I felt warm, content, energised and positive.  This was 2 weeks ago and I am still feeling very loving, happy and emotionally open.

"I am grateful to Kate for all the wisdom and healing and will be seeing her again as soon as I am in the area again."


Janine Cording


 About vibrational medicine:

 "Vibrational medicine gave us hope for our little daughter's eczema when there didn't seem to ge a lot of it around.  We were told the best we could hope for was that she would out  grow it and in the mean time try to control the symptoms with petrochemicals, steroids and possible antihistamine for the itch.  We wanted more than this, we wanted to get to the root of the symptom, the cause of the itchy skin.  This is exactly what vibrational medicine does!

"Through the medicine we were able to find out what food intolerances were adding to the problem, this was a massive help and stopped all the guessing and food trials.  The medicine also helped us to find the most beneficial natural creams for her, which gave us the confidence as parents to know we were doing the best we could to soothe and make the skin as comfortable as it could be while the cause of the illness was being treated.

"Our daughter also had terrible sleeping problems and vibrational medicine has been a gift for us with this.  

"We wanted to show families going through what we went through, feeling like they don't know who to trust or where to turn, that they can now feel comforted in the knowledge there is another way."

Wendy Sutherland

"I have been feeling bloody great since we said goodbye.  I have been incredibly productive and very little seems to be disturbing me, I am taking rests and deliberately having fun without thinking I should be doing something more worthy.

"I seem not to be taking things anyway near as personally as I was and I really think that if I got into a state again I would just have the confidence to have a good old cry (if I couldn't get to you!).

"I can't tell you how liberating it was to see you.  I was SUCH a skeptic with all that energy stuff but there was no denying what happened with my right foot and my stomach ;-)

"Thank you for making me feel safe enough to let go.  I am very pleased to have made your acquaintance.  Long may it continue.  With very much love."

Kim Bennett

"Kate is an excellent therapist.  She seems always to know exactly what the seat of the problem is, where to go and what to do to sort it out.  I'm not an avid follower of 'alternative methods' but I'm open to trying different ways - and all I can say is she has improved my physical wellbeing immensely, sorting out things that have plagued me for years.  I genuinely feel better.  I think this has also improved how I see things, too. But is does take time - so my advice is to be prepared to invest in a number of sessions.  The effects really do build up with time.  I'd like to thank her for what she's done for me."

Mark Ogilvie

"Thank you for your love, patience and encouragement"

Keith Rowswell

"I was sceptical about the spiritual aspects of Kate's work but was persuaded to allow the suggested process, which had spiritual elements as well as traditional massage.  I was involved in a car crash that was causing bad back pain a couple of weeks before.  Regardless of which part of the sessions, if not all was responsible for my recovery, I have no doubt that the pain would have continued for a longer period, had I not undergone four, weekly sessions with Kate."

Ben Herbert

"I have known Kate for about 10 years and can highly recommend her as a phenomenal healer and I know she treats her client with an overwhelming emphasis on unconditional love.  After any massage or healing I feel a deep sense of well-being and relaxation, knowing that all parts of my body which needed attention will benefit from her work.  I totally put my faith in Kate as she heals and recharges my body and soul.  I am sure that once tried you will want to keep returning."

Liz Holt

"I met Kate by recommendation nearly two years ago and would say after receiving body work from many practitioner's across the world Kate is by far the best !! she has an intuitive understanding of the person's body energy field and the unconscious healing that is required on all levels.

I have never felt as safe and held in any therapeutic situation in my life. This woman is a Gift to your soul and your body."

John Hyslop

“I look forward to coming to see Kate. I enjoy it while I am there and it has really done wonders for me.”

Joan Gowers

“I am ringing to say thank you for that much-needed and wonderful healing.  I went to bed after the session and slept until 10 o’clock the next morning. Today I feel clear, energized and together.  I feel great!!”

Rahde Ananda