The first session

The first session does two things:

  • find out about you and what you want to achieve
  • start the therapy (as long as you’re happy to go ahead)

Finding out about you

We talk in detail about you and what you want to achieve. You play a key role in this – we work together for your well-being.

As part of the therapy process, we will fill in a detailed medical history for you, which includes incidents such as bone breakages, childhood illnesses and chronic physical conditions. Issues that affect your emotional health and well-being are also important to note.

My approach is holistic, and works with your whole body and being – so it’s important that we identify all the things that affect the way you are.

The discussion also gives you a chance to explain to me what you would like, and for me to explain the options you have. After we’ve talked, we’ll agree a therapy plan before anything else happens.

Of course, everything we discuss is completely confidential.

Starting the therapy

As long as you’re happy to proceed, we’ll go straight into the treatments at your first session. The first session is usually 90 minutes long, including the initial discussion.

After the session, I’ll give you advice and guidance on how to look after yourself before the next session. This will help you get the most from your therapy, and also help you address the issues we identify.

If you prefer, we can separate the first treatment session from the initial discussion, so that you have a chance to reflect before you go ahead. Most people are keen to get started, but it’s always your choice as to how we proceed.