Trip Testimonials

I organise and run trips with a spiritual or healing theme, both in this country and abroad.

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"I have not yet written to thank you personally for all your excellent arrangements and kind attention in organising the December trip to Cambodia.  It was an eye-opener for me - a place and structures that I was not even aware of before the visit.  Fascinating - and a most enjoyable and worthwhile experience for us all.  Particularly regarding the significance of the date and the work that you are doing.

It was a real pleasure to meet yourself, Simon Peter (again!) and our other travelling companions on this trip.  A really  positive experience - and particularly as it all happened so seamlessly and smoothly (as far as was visible to us participants!).

Richard Skelton

"Now it is the last day of the year and time to remember all those lovely memories of 2012.  Cambodia was one of those lovely memories and just what was needed following a very difficult few months.  I feel rejuvenated, following time with like minded souls in such a beautiful setting.  Thank you so much for your organizing and your leading - always cheerful and happy - and I felt that all the time was spent as such - and perhaps the orbs we captured reflected our light path.  Now back in the UK I am fit and ready to restart 2013 with renewed vigour."

Jean Cheeseborough

"Thanks for arranging such a great tour - you are a Pro - perhaps a new vocation for you (just as I am retiring!!).  Beautifully heart-centred group, which is the key to subtle energy work.  Mission accomplished as we left our trail of Light across that enigmatic land . . . . . .

Thanks again for all your kindness, care and nurturing."

Simon Peter Fuller

Wholistic World Vision

"Cambodia was wonderful indeed, in many ways.  Thank you for organising such a great trip and taking such care to ensure it went as smoothly as possible." 

Joanie Solaini